Tumble Dryer Repair Johannesburg

Dryers can quickly dry clothes and other items, making them a very convenient appliance in your home, especially in winter. So, when your tumble dryer stops working like it should, we understand the stress that malfunction can cause. You can count on us for your tumble dryer repair.

Our company has been offering the service in whole Johannesburg area for over twelve years now, and we are trusted and approved by many of the leading manufacturers. We have provided excellent professional care to customers in the repair and servicing their domestic home appliances. Our technicians are trained for exceptional service in appliances repairs, but also customer service too.

Checking & Maintenance

We fix common tumble dryer problems such as not heating, drum not turning, your dryer being very noisy, or it leaks from underneath, water tank light is on, but the tank is empty, not drying properly. Apart from repairs, we also do new installations and service appliances.

6 Months Guarantee

Professional Workers

Licence & Insured

Every now and then we all face tumble dryer problems. If this has happened to you and you live in the Johannesburg area get in touch with our repair technicians who will visit your home and fix the problem. Our services are very competitively priced and our local technicians have many years of experience dealing with a wide range of brands and models. There is no doubt that you’re in safe hands with Repair Aid.

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